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Address: No. 2 Tiebei Street, Qixian, Shanxi, China

Shanxi Dahua Glass Industry Co., Ltd. was founded on October 1, 1992. As the leader of domestic innovation in glass blowing, it has been developing vigorously for 27 years. With complete R&D, production technology and standards, build domestic and foreign marketing network, service all over the world continents. Dahua Factory is located in Qixian County, Shanxi Province, China, which has a profound Shanxi merchant culture. The total number of employees is nearly 2,000, covering 289,000 square meters, with a greening area of 55,000 square meters and an annual output value of 420 million yuan. It forms a diversified production pattern, in which gathering mechanism, press and manual blowing, packaging manufacturing and machining centers are complementary to each other. In Shanghai, we set up a foreign trade headquarters, which is divided into two departments, the International Marketing Department and the Domestic Marketing Department, to achieve direct sales of products. Production and sales have been ranked in the forefront of the same industry in China for many years. Outstanding social and market performance has attracted foreign professional capital investment, integrating the marketing concepts of the United States and Australia and more standardized management.

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