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Shanxi Dahua Glass Industrial Company Limited was founded in October 1, 1992, is the glassware bibcock enterprise, the country's largest electric furnace production enterprises, the wholeCountry first the integrity of law-abiding township enterprises, China Chamber of Commerce for import and export glassware branch and vice president of units

Shanxi saves civilian battalion economy 50 strong companies, mountainWest Province Science and technology pilot enterprises, enterprises in Jinzhong city environmental protection advanced units, Qixian export business is the earliest and largest self-export enterprises, Qixian inductsForce of rural surplus labor to most enterprises, Qixian large taxp.

The company has 7 plants, 1 engineering company, the 1 sale of the company, the existing fixed assets totaled 220000000 yuan, with 6 of the most advanced automatic control electric glassThe furnace production line, 10 plates of all electric crucible furnace, 10 disc type circular furnace, sunrise material 70 tons, Nissan 120000 glass, the annual output value of 200000000 yuan, annual self-employedExport 15000000 U.S. dollars, paid 15000000 yuan of tax, has more than 4200 employees, including high and mid-level engineering and technical personnel more than 240, the production of wine, candlesticks, flowerBottle, lantern, water rises, fruit, candy box, crafts such as the 8 major categories of more than 4000 kinds of products, mainly exported to Western Europe, the United States, Australia, Japan, Korea and other developedCountries and regions.

The company in Taiyuan, Shanghai, Qing Dao, Guangzhou and other international metropolis specially set up the Department of international business, realize product sales.The company has passedISO9001 ISO14001 quality management system, environmental management system and GB / T28001 occupation health and safety system certification.In order to further expand the scale of enterprises

Shanxi Dahua Glass Industrial Company Limited and Hongkong three Glass Company Limited is a joint venture of new automatic glassware mechanismProduction line project, the project total investment of 360000000 yuan, the introduction of capital of 176000000 yuan, covers an area of 375 acres, located in Shanxi Dahua Glass Industrial Company Limited on the eastern side of. ItemItem project in 2006 12 months to start the construction, has completed an investment of 180000000 yuan, the first glass production line has been completed and put into production, second Nissan 60 tons of glassGlassware production line of civil engineering, equipment installation is completed, the ongoing debugging equipment, third production lines construction is underway, upon completion of all projects,Year can achieve production value 1000000000 yuan, profit tax 300000000 yuan.

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