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Our Responsibility

Shanxi Dahua Glass Industrial Company Limited is the glass products industry and trade integration company, is located in the Chinese glassware export base - Qixian. More than 4200 employees, covers an area of 289000 square meters, the annual output value of 240000000 yuan, achieve collect 25000000 dollar, taxes paid 21800000 yuan, become domestic artificial blown glassware bibcock enterprise. The company has four branch offices and eight utensils factory and packaging plant, oxygen plant rely on each other to form industrial chain. In Taiyuan, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Qing Dao with foreign trade offices, becomes the domestic and foreign merchants ties. By the culture, contains deep cultural concept of the Dahua, where many have both ability and political integrity of the management personnel and technical personnel, interpretation of the company "science and technology enterprises, talent promotes look forward to" business philosophy. The company computer information management network, a plurality of recreational and sports activities, to create a new knowledge learning type enterprise.

The company is targeting the domestic advanced barium crown glass electric melting furnace production line five, natural gas furnace round a sunrise, 85 tons of material. The production of wine, Candlestick, vases, lantern, tank, cylinder disc bowl eight categories more than 6000 kinds of style products, with an annual output of 45000000. Products of different styles, in different poses and with different expressions, exquisitely carved, grinding flower, profound, paint, sandblasting and painting products add more fashion flavor.

Through the quality, environment, occupation health ISO9001 ISO14001 security GB / T28001 three international management system certification, with a number of world-renowned glass purchasing group to become strategic partners. Company social responsibility has been appointed, expanding the size, placement of laid-off workers and surplus rural labor force, has come up with 175 yuan to donate, teaching assistants, to help poor relief, disaster relief.

For the construction of a resource-saving, environment-friendly enterprises, companies invest a lot of money, in energy saving and consumption reducing of relentless efforts, has invested 5000000 yuan to carry out environmental construction and technical transformation, the original coal fired a round furnace, annealing furnace, furnace decorated to furnace, avoids the dust emissions, only this one year save coal 13800 tons, saving 700 tons of soda ash. The addition of the SWS - 11 type a yuan of biochemical sewage treatment pool a and 60M3 x 3 cubic meters of water circulating pool 4, so that the water utilization rate is achieved 98%. Eliminated the high noise equipment, the purchase of the VF - 3 / 9-B low noise shockproof air compressor 12. At the same time according to the requirements of environmental protection and continuous improvement, has hardened ground 11400 square meters, building green belts, lawn of 30000 square meters, plant more than 1 lines.

for the comprehensive utilization of resources, reduce costs, improve product quality and market competitiveness, a total investment of 366000000 yuan of automated mechanism for glass production line project of the first production line has been put into production, the project started to make resources comprehensive utilization rate reached 98%, in bigger range, higher level to participate in international competition to provide a technology security.

This update to our 2009 corporate responsibility report outlines our progress in each of these areas. It illustrates some of the important ways in which we will achieve our vision of being the most admired company in our industry.

The company has been rated as" honest and law-abiding country village and township enterprises"," top 50 private enterprises in Shanxi province"," donate advanced unit"," environmental protection is advanced unit"," tax advanced units"," famous brand in Shanxi province". Chairman Yan Baoping is the city's" China light industrial products import and Export Chamber of Commerce glass association vice-president"," national township entrepreneurs"," model workers in Shanxi province".


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