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Letter from the Chairman
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Letter from the Chairman

1. In 2018, we have lived a full and determined life.

2. When I visited various places, I was delighted to see that the two sides of the Yangtze River are full of green, the big rice waves rolling with the construction of three rivers and ten thousand mu of land, the sea before Shenzhen is full of vitality, the Zhangjiang River in Shanghai is full of vitality, and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is flying over three places... These achievements were made by the people of all nationalities throughout the country, by the sweat of the strugglers of the new era.

3. This year, Made-in-China, Created-in-China and Built-in-China have made joint efforts to continue to change the face of China.

4. The world has seen the acceleration of China's reform and opening up, and the determination of China to carry out the reform and opening up to the end.

5. The pace of our reform will not stagnate, and the open door will only widen.

6. We are all running hard. We are all dreamers.

7. The people are the solid foundation of the republic, and the people are the greatest strength of our governance.

8. Along the way, the Chinese people have created a remarkable Chinese miracle through self-reliance and arduous struggle.

9. In the new journey, regardless of the turbulent clouds flying, the wind blowing and the waves beating, we must firmly rely on the people, adhere to self-reliance and hard struggle, with rock-solid confidence, vigor and perseverance, step by step to push forward the great cause of the unprecedented.

10. In 2019, opportunities and challenges will arise, and we will strive together.

11. Tax reduction and fee reduction policies and measures should be rooted in order to make enterprises light-weight.

12. We should sincerely respect all kinds of talents and fully stimulate their innovation and creativity.

13. We should listen to the voices of grass-roots cadres, so that cadres who dare to take on promising roles are energetic and vigorous.

14. The task of eliminating poverty for more than 10 million poor people in rural areas should be accomplished on schedule, and the goal must be set and vigorously pursued.

15. Retired servicemen should be cared for. They have contributed to the protection of their families and their country.

16. At this time, courier boys, sanitation workers, taxi drivers and tens of millions of workers are still working hard. We want to thank the creators and guardians of these wonderful lives.

17. No matter how the international situation changes, China's confidence and determination in safeguarding national sovereignty and security will remain unchanged, and China's sincerity and goodwill in safeguarding world peace and promoting common development will remain unchanged.

18., we will actively promote the construction of the "one belt and one road", continue to promote the construction of a community of human destiny, and make unremitting efforts to build a more prosperous and beautiful world.

19. New Year's bell will ring soon. Let's welcome the coming of 2019 with confidence and expectation.

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